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41 x 30 cm
Pen and ink on cotton board
This imaginary city scene delicately probes at the effects of technological automation in China. Commissioned to accompany an academic paper submitted to SOAS University of London, Shòu pictures the Great Wall opened up, with data flowing through its flanking landscape. Robots take up various mundane tasks, whilst retraining centres welcome unskilled workers. People are depicted pursuing pastimes – the elderly are cared for by machines, and emergency healthcare is still performed by humans. In strange unison, man and the man-made live their lives together for the long haul, giving new meaning to the word shòu 寿 – the Chinese word for longevity.
The frail and elderly are helped to cross the road, and play the Chinese, tiled based game, Mahjong, with Robot carers.
Autonomous vehicles drive people to the mountains, where an automated life increases leisure time for humans.