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The Coffee Rush

51 x 60 cm
Pen and ink on cotton board
The Coffee Rush was drawn over two weeks following a two-day walking expedition and interviews conducted together with a sound engineer. The work represents the first instance in Fuller’s practice where geography is drawn onto a three-dimensional object – a coffee cup. The work celebrates the diversity of immigrant communities in Brixton and the effects of gentrification on local life, offering a playful and sincere depiction of Windrush Square in Brixton, London.
The Brixton Riots are recorded in this vignette by a menacing policeman, whilst victims of racial discrimination stand and raise their arms in despair.
Dominoes, a popular game with Brixton locals, appear in a tiled line as a tribute to the elderly community and their famed tournaments. The Black Cultural Archive logo appears on their building, whilst David Bowie’s iconic lightning-bolt strikes across the square.