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Quarantine + Pandemic Survival Map

60 x 84 cm
Pen and ink on cotton board
This work contemplates the world outside while confined indoors during a Covid-19 partial lockdown in Beijing. Drawn after the fourteen Quarantine Maps, it reflects hours of absorption of global news and social media and describes experiences tied to this strange and specific time – with textural labels telling a very literal story. The Survival Map uses satire as escapism, tackling hard truths and contradictions of the pandemic with consideration and humour. It builds an imagined, whimsical urban setting, weaved with commentary and observation of pandemic life. The map is free to download, and made for public consumption as light relief in darker times.

Shared survival

No work of art could fully address the magnitude of the globally shared journey taken at the peak of the pandemic . The Survival Map provides an opportunity for escapism that is mingled with commentary – all threaded together with the tonic of humour. The map tells an unfolding story of a crisis, offering therapy both during its creation and in its completed intention. The work brought power to the pandemic journey in its invitation for documentation, becoming a visual transcript of the journey we all took.
Our moral or economic growth?

The antidote of levity

The map weaves together a reality built on tongue-in-cheek fiction. Within it, a ‘Heroes’ Hospital’ for key workers appears, with M&S sandwiches and a ‘Cummings and Going’ car park. A shop is shown as still open, selling essentials – coffee, beer and wine. ‘Shame Street’ is included with its associated panic-buying and greedy supermarkets, complete with a warning against eating endangered animals. ‘BS Lane’ leads to the ‘Misinformation Treatment Centre and Sewage Works’. ‘The Grave Reality’ building represents people who have sadly been taken by the virus – funeral directors offer a two-for-one deal. Pokes at British ex-prime minister Boris Johnson are strewn throughout the visual narrative, appearing in comedic vignettes throughout this landscape of satire.
'Heroes Hospital'
Selling essentials – coffee, beer and wine
‘Shame Street’

A busy fortified home inside a bubble

‘BS Lane’
‘The Grave Reality’
‘Bus building’

Imagined survival spots

The Survival Map uses humour as a way to bring perspective to a harshly and jointly endured experience. A mountain range represents the idea of remote working, with a data mine nearby. A closed school suggests the pandemic experience as an impactful life lesson for children.
‘The home office’